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Players come to Golfusion because they want a personalized and more meaningful learning experience. Our expert team of performance coaches pride themselves in doing just that.

Why guess when we can measure with incredible accuracy and enable players to accelerate their learning curve. Moreover, our tools make the whole experience much more engaging and fun, no matter your ability!

We use some of the most advanced technologies which you will have access as part of the Golfusion community.


Besides being the ball tracking technology of choice for the most recognized professional Organizations and Tours (PGA Tour, European Tour, R&A), TrackMan provides the player with an unparalleled platform to understand the true cause and effect of ball flight. Additionally, it is a fun technology that enables our players to train distance control and test their shot accuracy.

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CoachNow replaces group texting, email blasts, and sorting through messages and emails in 10 different places. Integrated video and photo analysis tools allow coaches to focus on the "how" rather than the "what". This allows athletes to learn quicker by retaining more information.
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V1 Golf

The most popular teaching video analysis system enables capturing the technique from multiple angles simultaneously; thereby allowing the player to gain a visual understanding and pinpoint what is happening in their game.
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The BodiTrak Sensor Technology gives the instructor a better understanding of pressure shifting and balance patterns during the golf swing by providing details of center of gravity (CoG) distribution (left/right, heel/toe) but also vertical measurements (up/down).

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Advanced biofeedback from HackMotion, a wrist-motion training system which tracks your wrist movement in real time, measuring wrist flexion, extension, and rotation. Given that 80% of the golf ball's initial direction is determined by the clubface, wrist alignment has a significant impact on the angle of the clubface throughout the swing.

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This is a 3D wireless-sensor-based technology that allows real time capture of the movements performed by the player during their swing. It not only provides detailed analysis of the swing itself but also enables the player to properly train the correct postures and movements, receiving real time auditory and visual feedback.

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