New Student Assessment

It all begins with an initial golf and/or fitness assessment. For both, Fitness and Golf Assessments, Golfusion will create your profile on the CoachNow platform where the diagnostic of your session will be uploaded. This prevents valuable information from slipping through the cracks. This baseline data also helps us create your history, so as we continuously retest, we can catalogue your improvements and chart your progress towards your goal.

  • Select the component you want to start with and book your New Student Assessment
  • Complete NSA to receive a personalized scorecard
  • Choose how you want to continue based on your commitment

Golf NSA

Start your journey to unlock the golfer within

Players of all ages and abilities are welcome to understand the cause and effect of your tendencies through a series of tests to thoroughly assess and accurately measure the various components of your game. This will allow us to set a starting point from which to build your personalized training plan with a holistic approach to play the best version of yourself. Trust us to lower your score.

Dylan can guide you as to which one of the 3 golf assessments would be most beneficial to start off with. Contact us!


Fitness NSA

Begin your journey to a fitter you

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Kai can help you by bringing “Efficiency Through Perfect Movement”.

In this first session, Kai will spend quality time evaluating your physical fitness and begin teaching you the golf specific system he has personally designed, adjusting the level of the training to your own needs. This will prevent you injuries and increase power to your golfing movements.