Tina Fusser

Holistic Health Coach


Tina is an inspiring, passionate and sought-after fitness and health leader, expert, and coach for over 25 years. Tina’s mission to guide others to a deeper understanding of healthy living and balance comes from deep within. As a former competitive athlete, Tina truly understands the importance of continually exploring proven new ways and techniques in the world of health and fitness.

Unique in the health and wellness industry, Tina’s extensive and empowering wellness solutions range from helping others reach a greater fitness level, improving mobility for daily life and incorporating natural solutions for a more balanced life. Besides golf specific strength training and mobility; yoga, breathwork, and meditation for golf are offered. Her greatest joy is to see her clients get results.

Tina is one of very few coaches in the US who holds a wide and unique range of health and fitness certifications including TPI, personal training, group fitness, cycling, CrossFit, mobility, yoga, and meditation. She’s also a nutrition coach, essential oils expert, and certified forest therapy guide.

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