Kai Fusser

Golf Fitness Specialist


Kai, originally hailing from Germany, possesses a master’s degree in Nautical Engineering from the University of Oldenburg in Germany. His journey in professional sports began as both a competitor and, later, as a coach and trainer.

Kai’s innovative workout philosophy was instrumental in training one of the greatest athletes to ever grace the game, Annika Sorenstam. Under his guidance, Annika achieved an astounding 72 wins worldwide, including 10 major championships. In addition to Annika’s success, golfers under Kai’s tutelage have secured a total of 15 Major Championships and over 150 tournament victories across the LPGA, PGA, European Tour, and Japanese LPGA.

Kai’s expertise extends beyond physical training. He is a certified facilitator for the Pacific Institute’s Investment in Excellence course, which focuses on developing the right attitude for success through cognitive psychology. Kai is a sought-after speaker and educator, frequently invited to share his program with organizations such as the LPGA, German PGA, and various universities and expert summits.

His contributions to the world of golf and fitness have garnered media attention, with features in prominent outlets such as Golf Magazine, Golf World, Japanese Golf Digest, German Golf Journal, Golf Fitness Magazine, Waterski Magazine, ESPN, USA Today, 60 Minutes, Golf Channel, and more.

Kai is also a published author, with notable works including “Weight Training for Golf: The Ultimate Guide” and “Weight Training for Women’s Golf,” both considered comprehensive resources for golf fitness. Furthermore, he has produced the highly acclaimed “Kai Fitness for Golf” series, which has garnered significant popularity among golf enthusiasts.

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