Dylan Ross

Founder / Director Of Player Development


Dylan’s upbringing in Scotland paved the way for his journey in the world of golf. He holds the prestigious title of a Class “A” member of The Professional Golfers’ Association of Great Britain & Ireland. His PGA training took place at the historic Royal Aberdeen Golf Club, which is the sixth oldest golf course in the world. He not only graduated with ‘Distinction’ but also clinched their highly esteemed ‘National Scholarship’ during his time there.

After competing on the Mexican PGA and South American Tours, Dylan discovered his true calling in teaching and coaching. He went on to impart his expertise at some of Mexico’s most renowned golf clubs. The Mexican Golf Federation recognized his skills and appointed Dylan as their National Coach, a position he held for a remarkable 8 years.

Dylan’s dedication to coaching led him to attain some of the industry’s most sought-after certifications, further enhancing his teaching abilities. In 2015, he reached the esteemed status of ‘Master Teacher,’ which is the highest honor an instructor can receive from U.S. Kids Golf. Remarkably, he became the first PGA Professional from Europe to earn this distinction.

Since establishing Dylan Ross Golf in 2008, he has been actively involved in training golf players of all skill levels. He has introduced hundreds of newcomers to the game and has also played a pivotal role in supporting multiple tour professionals in achieving their dreams. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of golf, The PGA awarded him the distinguished title of an ‘Advanced Fellow’ member in 2018.

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